Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays from Sweet & Sour Goodies!!

The Sweet & Sour Goodies family would just like to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year!! I would have to say that 2008 has been a pretty awesome year and I can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for us! Here are my top 10 personal highlights of 2008:
10. Obama is victorious!!!

9. The birth of Penelope Stay, Emily Keith, Liam Canale, Jeriden Cruz and Gabriel Arojado-so many babies!! They're taking over!!

8. Watching Madonna live in concert-she really does rock!! And she's so bendy!!

7. Felt Club awesomeness!!

6. Palm Springs trip with girls!! Bachelorette weekend!!

5. Nixon Puppers Hoffman turned 1 years old and wins 3rd place in the "Most Unusual Markings" category at the Del Mar Dog Show!!

4. Our annual San Francisco-holiday trip-always fun and exciting!!

3. The adoption of our 2nd puppy Truman-he's a little devil, but I love him!!

2. The birth of my adorable nephew Marcus Aaron Schneider (aka MAZ)

1. Getting hitched to my best friend and partner in crime, no, not Christopher Walken, better-Craig Hoffman!!

"Oh, 2008 you have been a good year...such a good year in fact, that I will think of you fondly. Like sweet, subtle lyrics to my favorite song that I can replay over and over again in my mind".
:D Kristine

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Ninjas are coming!!

So after a few days of some much needed rest I managed to finish up with some of my custom orders for the holidays. Here are the custom ninjas ordered by Atrero Photography. In May of this year, we were lucky enough to have Ed & Karen shoot our wedding in Santa Barbara. They are really amazing-so if you know anyone that is getting married be sure to check them out!

Also, for those of you who are still looking for holiday gifts I've updated my shop with more dolls! There are ornaments, luchadores, mermaids, oh my!!
As for this weekend, I will be catching up on making some Christmas gifts, holiday decorating and doing some baking....yum!
Kristine :D

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"I'm Exhausted!"

So here's a short little message on what's been going on....
I've been filling custom orders and getting ready for two back to back shows this weekend-Craft Riot in West Hollywood and The Holiday Hit List in Point Loma.
I'm definitely in need of some major R & R, but feet don't fail me now!! I gotta keep on going until everything is done-
I think this photo speaks for itself.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Craft Riot!!

Sweet & Sour Goodies will be at Craft Riot on Saturday, December 6th from 11:00 am-4:00 pm!! It should be a great shopping event in West Hollywood. So if you're interested in buying some handmade gifts for the holidays please stop by!!
Hope to see you there!!
:D Kristine

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday Hit List!!

This will be a great event with over 60 vendors! There will be tons of wonderful handmade goods-just in time for the holidays!! So I hope to see you there!
Kristine :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

Felt Club was amazing!!

Hey Party People!
So Felt Club was awesome this year at the Shrine Auditorium!! There were SO many people with SO many amazing ideas-I was in heaven! Sweet & Sour Goodies did really well-not bad for our debut appearance ;) We had a great time and met alot of really kool kats. I would have to say that the most popular dolls of the day would have to be the Nun, the Yeti, and the Luchadores!! I would also like to thank Jenny Ryan and all the Felt Club organizers for a fantastic event!! And of course, thank you to my great friends, my family and my better half for their support! You guys are SO hardcore!!
So it's back to the workroom to get ready for my next show of the year-The Holiday Hit List in Point Loma on December 7th!! If you're in the area please be sure to check it out!
Here are some pictures from Felt Club:
"The Panda" posing for the camera! She's such an awesome assistant, so I told her I'd buy her something pretty!
This photo is pre-Felt Club when I was counting all my inventory and taking stock of all the dolls that I would be bringing.

For a moment, our house was being overtaken by dolls!! Craig is really relieved that the show went well-now he has room for his surfboard ;D
Here's a photo from I Heart Guts.
I love these internal organs!! I would have to say that the heart is my favorite- it would make a great anniversary present!
Here's the stuff made by Erika at My Imaginary Boyfriend.
I love the robots, the coal and of course the logs!! Her stuff is totally awesome!
Here is a picture of my booth set up. Again, the astroturf was well received (Thanks Craig!) And those little ninja ornaments sold super fast-I couldn't believe it!
I can't say it enough-Felt Club rocked and I am so excited to see what happens next for Sweet & Sour Goodies....so stay tuned everyone.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Felt Club.....this Sunday!!!

Felt Club will be this Sunday!! This will be a great holiday shopping experience so don't miss out. There will be wonderful workshops, performance by Leslie Hall (Gem Sweater Queen), Swap-o- Rama-Rama and crafts galore!!
See you there!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"I predict a riot...."

Introducing the newest addition to the Sweet & Sour Goodies family.....the Punk!! I've had sketches of this doll for a while now and I thought I would make some just in time for Felt Club. I love the little chains on the vest and yes, those pants are made of spandex!!
:D Kristine

Monday, November 10, 2008

CityBeat Extravaganza

Sweet & Sour Goodies will be at this event this Wednesday! If you are in the area please stop by and help raise money for the new Children's Museum.

CityBeat Extravaganza - Nov. 12th!Join us at CityBeat's 2008 BEST of San Diego event! Winners will be announced at the New Children's Museum in Downtown San Diego. There will be beer tastings, food tastings, circus acts from Zirk Ubu, a live art show, some cool craft vendors - including Mafia members, plus live music from Steph Johnson, and Lady Dottie & the Diamonds.
All proceeds will benefit the New Children's Museum.
CB's Best of San Diego 2008 Party
November 12th
200 W. Island St., San Diego, 92104
7 pm to 10 pm$15 - $20 admission

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sweet & Sour Goodies in San Francisco...ummm, it was awesome!!

Hey Everyone!
My apologies for the lack of posting, but I just came back from "You Bazaar" in San Francisco. The event was pretty awesome and we met a lot of really cool and sweet people which is always a bonus when you're doing events like this. Sweet & Sour Goodies had a very good response so that puts a smile on my face :D
Here are some photos from my trip:
Here's my friend Emily purchasing some fantastic fabric at Whiz Bang Fabrics in the Mission District. If you are ever in the area, please check this place out. It's cozy and funky all at the same time!! You could spend alot of time there just admiring all the fabric selections....it will blow your mind! And the staff is super sweet!
It rained a lot while I was over there, but I didn't let that stop us from venturing the city and going to my "must-see" hot spots!

Here I am at "You Bazaar". I've been testing out my booth set-up, so this is one of the options that will work for now. I will definitely stay with the astroturf (which my husband got me as a present...nothing says romance, like a big slab of astroturf!)

Here's my sister, the Panda. She's eating a plush tempura shrimp! We purchased these awesome plush pillows from the cool gals at The Donut Lounge. We went by their booth at least a dozen times! Check it out when you get a chance!
Here's a bag I received from Claudia at b Green Design. Claudia is very nice and really funny!! We had a good time being booth neighbors with her and Lauren from Lauren Smash .

I also purchased some other cool items like a Kokeshi doll, eiffel tower earrings, owl ornaments and a slab of meat from the following vendors:
Beyond Wonderland
and my all time favorite
Sweet Meats

Big ups to my family that let me stay with them! You guys are so wonderful and I love you so much! I really had a great time and all the people involved were amazing! It definitely inspires me to keep going and to keep creating!

So stay tuned...Felt Club is coming soon!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

4 days til "You Bazaar"

As most of you may already know, I've been busy sewing and making a ton of dolls for upcoming craft shows. I've also had my hands full with the pups, hanging out with my family and throwing my annual Halloween party for all the kiddies! I'll take a nap in December when I get a chance ;D
Getting ready for all the shows has been alot of work and alot of fun. Craig has been working on my display for me and hammering buttons onto my baby bibs! What a good helper! I can't wait to go to San Francisco for "You Bazaar". I think it will be a great event-so if you're in the area please stop by!

Here's Truman-inator! He's getting really good at photo shoots so I thought I'd include this photo of him.

Here's Nixon Puppers! He just had surgery on his paw yesterday and he's showing me his bandage....what can I say! He's a genius! He had a rough day so we're trying to spend as much time with him as possible.

Here are some pictures of my dolls that will be off to San Francisco with me. My workroom is usually not this hectic, but cleaning has been the last thing on my mind.

I'm a mad woman!! I can't stop making dolls!!

So I'll be leaving for the Bay area super early Friday morning! My wonderful assistant Tiffany (the panda) will be my companion on this trip-so I'm sure we'll have alot of random, fun photos in future posts!
Until then....
Kristine :D

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Are you ready for this?......They're so sweet!!

Hey Everyone!!
Things have been pretty hectic, but I'm trying to remain clear minded in order to meet all my goals for my upcoming craft shows. Here's a quick recap of all the shows that Sweet & Sour Goodies will be attending:
October 16th @ Chula Vista YMCA: Fall Crop
November 2nd @ San Francisco: You Bazaar
November 16th @ Los Angeles: Felt Club
December 7th @ Point Loma: Holiday Hit List
I will be introducing new Sweet & Sour Goodies characters at these shows...so stay tuned!! I'll also have cool deals for holiday shoppers.
Here is the Sweet & Sour Goodies Little Red Riding Hood doll. She comes with a reversible hooded capelet. Little Red Riding Hood $25.00
Here are the Lucha Libre Wrestlers (Luchadores)!! They are really funny and soooo cute!
Luchador $22.00 each
The wrestlers won't be on my etsy site until after all the shows, but if you would like to order one ahead of time just send me an email.
So another weekend gone by.....and I'm sensing a case of the Mondays coming along....

Enjoy your week everyone!!

:D Kristine

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hansel and Gretel...and a Viking?

So I've been working away and getting ALOT of dolls made. Every now and then I'll stray away from my checklist of dolls and make something very spontaneously. So here's what I came up with:

Hansel and Gretel. Let me just say that even my husband loved these dolls. I believe he used the words, "so cute!"
Hansel looks alot like Fredrique from The Sound of Music (one of my favorite musicals). Here is a list of my top 5 favorite musicals:
1. Little Shop of Horrors (which inspired my "Nerd" doll)
2. Sound of Music (who doesn't love families that sing and dance?)
3. Chicago (I like the sassiness and all the attitude)
4. Chorus Line (there's a character in the movie named Kristine...and she's tone-deaf....great!)
5. Sweeney Todd (who wants a meat pie?...not me)
I digress....
Here's Gretel.
Here is the Viking. There's this Snickers commercial where a viking, a pilgrim and two other characters are in a car driving and singing "Greensleeves".....you know, "Alas, my love, you do me wrong, To cast me off discourteously."
For some reason, I love this commercial ;)
Okay, well I'm done for the day and I'm going to spend some quality time with the doggies....until next time!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love Spoonflower!! Check out my fabric!!

Here is the fabric I ordered from Spoonflower http://www.spoonflower.com/welcome!! I'm so excited to start making some sweet goodies!! Thank you so much Spoonflower-you guys are Awesome!!

The fabric swatch on top has most of the SASG characters on it!! Sew cute!!
I also love how the birds turned out!! My mind is filled with ideas of what to create!!My imagination is running wild!!
The Nerd fabric looks adorable....maybe I should make pocket protectors out of this fabric? Hmmmm......
Spoonflower....I love you!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Upcoming Events

*You Bazaar will be November 2nd at the San Francisco County Building. See you there!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Want some goodies?

Hey Party People!!

So I'm keeping busy getting ready for the YMCA October Crop http://www.southbay.ymca.org/english/index_ymcaclubs.html, You Bazaar http://www.bazaarbizarre.org/ and Felt Club http://www.feltclub.com/!! Each day I am up to my elbows in felt and fleece....gotta love it!! Here are some pictures of what I've been working on. If you're interested in any of the items listed please feel free to email me and we'll make something happen!!

Here are the dolls just in time for Halloween. I made these in one night....crazy, I know! But I was so excited to see the end result. Yes, there are many other Halloween figures that could be turned into a "Goodie", but guess what...."I'm only one person!" Just kidding....the possibilities are endless!! I'll be taking orders for Halloween dolls until the end of September. So place your order today.
I don't think I have a bag big enough for her hair!! Frankenstein monster $25, Bride of Frankenstein $25
Simple, but still really cuddly and cute.....now this is the kind of ghost I can deal with....
Ghost $20
You've seen this guy before, but I thought I'd give him an extra shout out since he is very Halloween-ish. Dracula $25, Or the whole Halloween series (4 dolls) for $75.
Here are my business partners Nixon and Truman (sorry, they're not for sale). This is after a long day of work...they look so serious.

So stay tuned, I'm trying to update my blog as much as possible to spread the word on Sweet & Sour Goodies. So tell your friends, your loved ones, your enemies...anyone who will listen....let them know that we're comin' atcha!!

Much love!
Kristine :D

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Felt Club....Here I come!!

Hey Friends!!

I just received the most exciting, amazing, and shocking news ever....Sweet & Sour Goodies was accepted as a vendor at Felt Club!!!! I thought that I didn't get in because they were supposed to announce the chosen vendors yesterday, but due to the overwhelming amount of vendor applications they had to extend the notice til today!! So as I was browsing through blogs and my email I noticed that I had one new message.....the Felt Club message saying that I was in!!! I swear, I feel like Molly Ringwald at the end of Sixteen Candles when she sees Jake Ryan waiting for her next to his car....then he returns her undies!! It's like that feeling times ten!!!

So stay tuned for more information on this wonderful event known as Felt Club! It will be on November 16th at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.....I'm so excited!! (did I say that already?) Anyway, I better go and start doll-ing!!

Try to catch me during my break times when I'm out of my cave!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here's some more stuff.....I've been very busy!!

*Here's a picture of the Sweet & Sour Goodies version of Hellboy. (This item is not for sale). This was given as a present to my friend Andy for his b-day. He loves all things Hell-ish!!
*This is the Limited Edition Pirate. There are alot of pieces to it...good thing I"m only making a limited amount!! I'm exhausted...but it was so worth it, he's so cute!!
*I will now be selling pocket mirrors with the S & S Characters on them. They're so adorable!! A big thanks to Kyle at Button Arcade for these fantastic mirrors!!

Hello All!!

So I've been very busy getting ready for "You Bazaar" coming up in November. If you have the opportunity to come by, please do. There are going to be alot of cool things going on that day. I really can't wait. Plus, I'll be introducing a new series of dolls to add to the Sweet & Sour Goodies family!! A BIG "Thank you" to my little sis, Tiffany for travelling with me to the Bay area for this event! You're too cool! You get a bonus!!

Besides getting ready for the craft show I've been filling orders for aprons, making presents for friends, and developing new S&S Goodies products to sell for my store. So keep checking back for all the new creations!!



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sweet & Sour Goodies will be a vendor at "You Bazaar" in San Francisco!!

Sunday November 2nd 2008, 10:00am - 5:00pm
San Francisco County Fair Building Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

You Bazaar! will be on November 2nd 2008 from 10am to 5pm at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. You Bazaar! will feature 30 select craft vendors selling quality handmade wares and a series of rotating workshops throughout the day with some of your favorite plush designers. While we would like to use this event to promote plush art we welcome all crafters to apply for a vendor space. This will be a fun family friendly event to kick off the Plush You SF Show, opening Friday, November 7th 2008 and excite customers for the holiday shopping extravaganza Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco on Sunday, November 30th 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Sweet & Sour Goodies Plush Collection....

Here is a picture of the collection (not pictured: mermaid, ballerina, mummy and limited edition pirate). They really look like a cute, little, angry army!! I love it!!