Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here's some more stuff.....I've been very busy!!

*Here's a picture of the Sweet & Sour Goodies version of Hellboy. (This item is not for sale). This was given as a present to my friend Andy for his b-day. He loves all things Hell-ish!!
*This is the Limited Edition Pirate. There are alot of pieces to it...good thing I"m only making a limited amount!! I'm exhausted...but it was so worth it, he's so cute!!
*I will now be selling pocket mirrors with the S & S Characters on them. They're so adorable!! A big thanks to Kyle at Button Arcade for these fantastic mirrors!!

Hello All!!

So I've been very busy getting ready for "You Bazaar" coming up in November. If you have the opportunity to come by, please do. There are going to be alot of cool things going on that day. I really can't wait. Plus, I'll be introducing a new series of dolls to add to the Sweet & Sour Goodies family!! A BIG "Thank you" to my little sis, Tiffany for travelling with me to the Bay area for this event! You're too cool! You get a bonus!!

Besides getting ready for the craft show I've been filling orders for aprons, making presents for friends, and developing new S&S Goodies products to sell for my store. So keep checking back for all the new creations!!



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w said...

i think your pocket mirrors are a great idea!