Monday, November 17, 2008

Felt Club was amazing!!

Hey Party People!
So Felt Club was awesome this year at the Shrine Auditorium!! There were SO many people with SO many amazing ideas-I was in heaven! Sweet & Sour Goodies did really well-not bad for our debut appearance ;) We had a great time and met alot of really kool kats. I would have to say that the most popular dolls of the day would have to be the Nun, the Yeti, and the Luchadores!! I would also like to thank Jenny Ryan and all the Felt Club organizers for a fantastic event!! And of course, thank you to my great friends, my family and my better half for their support! You guys are SO hardcore!!
So it's back to the workroom to get ready for my next show of the year-The Holiday Hit List in Point Loma on December 7th!! If you're in the area please be sure to check it out!
Here are some pictures from Felt Club:
"The Panda" posing for the camera! She's such an awesome assistant, so I told her I'd buy her something pretty!
This photo is pre-Felt Club when I was counting all my inventory and taking stock of all the dolls that I would be bringing.

For a moment, our house was being overtaken by dolls!! Craig is really relieved that the show went well-now he has room for his surfboard ;D
Here's a photo from I Heart Guts.
I love these internal organs!! I would have to say that the heart is my favorite- it would make a great anniversary present!
Here's the stuff made by Erika at My Imaginary Boyfriend.
I love the robots, the coal and of course the logs!! Her stuff is totally awesome!
Here is a picture of my booth set up. Again, the astroturf was well received (Thanks Craig!) And those little ninja ornaments sold super fast-I couldn't believe it!
I can't say it enough-Felt Club rocked and I am so excited to see what happens next for Sweet & Sour stay tuned everyone.

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