Monday, February 25, 2008

"You like me, you really like me..."

So great news....I was accepted as a vendor for the Spring Line Up Event which will be held at the Masonic Hall in North Park!! I'll definitely have more information coming up soon, so spread the word....Sweet and Sour Goodies is on it's way!!!

I'm a ball of mixed feelings.....I'm excited, nervous, proud, tired.....hungry :)

This will be my first craft show and I can't wait to get my creations out there to the public. It'll be a good gauge to see how people respond to my little odd dolls. So if I'm MIA for a while you will know why....I'll be locked away in my workroom until my stock goals are met.....

I'll keep you all posted on my progress and let you know how I'm doing.....wish me luck and send some good, motivating thoughts my way......

Much love!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Revenge of the Nerds.....

A few weeks ago I saw my favorite musical "Little Shop of Horros". I love the music and the characters in this play and my heart goes out to Seymour Krelborn...what a sweetheart! So I decided to make a doll inspired by my favorite underdog....Here it is, I call him "Nerd", but he's actually a cool guy....I'd hang out with him for sure.

This was actually a struggle to make because there were so many details to work on. The glasses were pretty challenging and I'm not sure if I really nailed it....I'll have to sleep on it and figure out some other options for the glasses. If anyone has any helpful ideas, please let me know.....

Here's a picture of what the "Nerd" looks like....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Introducing my new business partner...

Here are some photos of my business partner. My 6 month old puppy Nixon-he handles all the finances. He's also a charismatic salesperson...uhhh, salespuppy.

yet another sleepless night....

It's day 30-something and I've been working on these dolls every night....I think I need a well deserved break, but something in me tells me to keep breaks...sleep later. My body feels tired, but I keep sewing. I keep sewing til my fingers get numb and my vision becomes blurry. I keep sewing until I hear a grumbling in my stomach telling me that it was dinner time 2 hours ago. I keep sewing until I realize that the sun has come up to bring on the new day (yikes). When does it end?

I really begin to wonder that this is a neverending cycle that I asked for. This will determine whether or not I make something of this business. Whether I can withstand these long nights of sewing fleece and felt together to create my sweet and sour goodies.....But, I know I can do it! For now, I'm just tired and need a good 8 hours.....well, maybe 6:)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stitch Session or Sweatshop?

It's good to have friends....
On Saturday I invited a few of my friends over for our usual stitch session. Usually, everyone has their own craft projects to work on while we watch sports and eat a variety of low and high carb foods ( so basically, we eat everything). This time on the menu were steamed dumplings, raspberry squares, apple and berry crisp, artichoke dip with carby bread oh, and meatcakes (always a big hit). It's just a day to hang out with friends and be "Crafty". I usually host the stitch sessions since I am centrally located....but I don't mind, I like being the hostess!

Anyway, my friends were kind enough to help stuff my ninja, sumo, devil and karate dolls. We created an assembly line of labor-it was awesome! And when they would complain I would just yell at them and lock them in a cage....
But really, a million thanks to Mary, Colin, Sam, Andy, Melissa, Myla and Nixon for all their hard is much appreciated.

"Wanna be startin' something"

Hello Everyone!

This is my first entry for Sweet and Sour Goodies..."A sweet design with a sour disposition". Things are a bit overwhelming right now because I'm sewing day and night, but I really wouldn't want it any other way. Sweet and Sour Goodies is my new business that specializes in plush dolls. Once you see these little guys, you'll understand why I am so in love with them! And it's crazy to think how all of this came about. It began when I started making little ninja dolls for my niece and little cousins for Christmas. The process of making the dolls was so fun and seeing their expressions when they got them was even better.

My friends started to tell me that I should make more of these dolls and possibly sell them....this seemed like such a lofty aspiration, but I was very curious to see whether or not I could actually do it. After making a few more prototypes of different dolls like the Geisha and the Sumo, I started to think that maybe this could be the beginning of something great. My friends and family were so positive about what I was doing that it motivated me to keep going. So I did alot of research online, read a few books about starting your own craft business, met with a few advisors for licensing and had the support of many friends.....thus, Sweet and Sour Goodies came to be!! For myself, I love what I'm doing and the fact that other people enjoy it too is just an added bonus!! I feel pretty lucky....and pretty tired!

For more info please visit:

Or (currently under construction)