Saturday, February 9, 2008

yet another sleepless night....

It's day 30-something and I've been working on these dolls every night....I think I need a well deserved break, but something in me tells me to keep breaks...sleep later. My body feels tired, but I keep sewing. I keep sewing til my fingers get numb and my vision becomes blurry. I keep sewing until I hear a grumbling in my stomach telling me that it was dinner time 2 hours ago. I keep sewing until I realize that the sun has come up to bring on the new day (yikes). When does it end?

I really begin to wonder that this is a neverending cycle that I asked for. This will determine whether or not I make something of this business. Whether I can withstand these long nights of sewing fleece and felt together to create my sweet and sour goodies.....But, I know I can do it! For now, I'm just tired and need a good 8 hours.....well, maybe 6:)

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