Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Wanna be startin' something"

Hello Everyone!

This is my first entry for Sweet and Sour Goodies..."A sweet design with a sour disposition". Things are a bit overwhelming right now because I'm sewing day and night, but I really wouldn't want it any other way. Sweet and Sour Goodies is my new business that specializes in plush dolls. Once you see these little guys, you'll understand why I am so in love with them! And it's crazy to think how all of this came about. It began when I started making little ninja dolls for my niece and little cousins for Christmas. The process of making the dolls was so fun and seeing their expressions when they got them was even better.

My friends started to tell me that I should make more of these dolls and possibly sell them....this seemed like such a lofty aspiration, but I was very curious to see whether or not I could actually do it. After making a few more prototypes of different dolls like the Geisha and the Sumo, I started to think that maybe this could be the beginning of something great. My friends and family were so positive about what I was doing that it motivated me to keep going. So I did alot of research online, read a few books about starting your own craft business, met with a few advisors for licensing and had the support of many friends.....thus, Sweet and Sour Goodies came to be!! For myself, I love what I'm doing and the fact that other people enjoy it too is just an added bonus!! I feel pretty lucky....and pretty tired!

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