Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things....

Just a little window shopping. Here are some items that are available on Etsy from some creative designers and artists.

Sweet Meats Porky Chop

These plush items are so adorable! I purchased a T-Bone Plush Steak for my hubby and he loved it! My next purchase from Sweet Meats would have to be the ham bone. You can also request to have your meat deli wrapped....simple, genius, gotta love it!

I love this "La Fleur" sweater coat. So chic and versatile. I may have to put this on my birthday wish list.

I have to say that my very first purchase from Etsy were two prints from Ashley. I fell in love with her style and her work has a quirkiness that makes me smile (I'm rhyming). I have two of her prints on my desk at work. I'm sure I'll get more in the future.

These little cloche caps are so, so hip! Liza is based in Portland and most of her items are custom to order. She is very talented and her work is quite innovative.

Ilee Papergoods

If I could do letterpress work I would. Maybe I'll make that a goal of mine for the future. Letterpress is timeless and elegant. I purchased a few items from Ilee and her work is exquisite. Her calendars make great gifts!

Bird Nerd

Birds are so HOT right now. (Imagine me saying this in a very deep voice). Bird Nerd's screen printed birds are just the Shiz! I gotta get some!

Happy Shopping!

:D Kristine

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