Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Take me to your craft show..."

Here are some photos of my alien doll. I must admit that I was very hesitant to work on this one, but as soon as I saw everything all together I fell in love with it!! (Isn't that how it always is). I've made only 5 alien dolls for the Spring Line Up, but I'm thinking about making more since it's cuteness cannot be denied!
Also, here's a photo of the madness that is taking over my workroom!!

So if you're interested in the alien or any other sour-faced sweetie please come by my booth at the Spring Line Up!! It's this Sunday at 12:00 (but if you get there earlier you get an awesome swag bag!)

K.D. out!!

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*~Amy~* said...

Have you ever thought of doing pirates? For some reason nerds really love the whole 'pirate vs. ninja' thing, so maybe you could cash in on that!