Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just add water....and they multiply!!

Oh wait...that happens to Gremlins....
Since the weather here in San Diego has been rainy (blah!) and gloomy I decided to stay in and work on some more Nerd dolls. They are travelling in packs now!!
This year I will be in the process of expanding the doll selections and I want to jazz up some of my original designs. So here's what I came up with...take a look!

I just thought I'd add a few quirky details to the new dolls like suspenders and a sweater vest.
He looks like he'd run for office or be the president of the debate team....."How Dreamy" ;)

This guy looks like he would have alot of me ;(

The new Nerd Dolls will be available in my Etsy store. I may even have a 3 pack set at a discounted price....Exciting!
I'm hoping the weather will clear up and the rain will stop soon. The hubster, the doggies and I are cooped up all day....but I do get more work done so that's a plus!
Stay Dry Sour Friends!!
:D Kristine

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